is better

than one.

As an independent truck owner, you
know that you can’t go the distance
alone. You know that to grow your
business, your partners in this industry
And you know that with every
company you rely on, trust and
transparency are all that count.



We are


And we’re here to change the
way you run your business

Turn your
insurance premiums
into an investment

Earn the profits
typically made
by insurers

Improve your
risk management

Buy your goods
and services like the
big companies do

Have a say in
company decisions
as a shareholder


Tandem Equity was
established to help
independent truck
owners buy better.

From fuel to tyres, the potential benefits
are incredible. Imagine purchasing fuel at
10 cents less per litre – you could save
hundreds of thousands of rands a month.

But that’s
just the beginning.

With a solid background in the insurance
game, we’ve used our knowledge to put
together an insurance solution unlike any
in the industry.


What We Offer

Buy collectively
for incredible

Are you spending more than you’d like to on tyres? Feeling fed up with ever-increasing fuel prices? Our group buying system means you’ll start making massive savings on the products your business can’t survive without. Find out how now.

turn an
expense into
an investment.

Paying your monthly insurance premiums is like throwing money at the sky. What if you could use the payments as an opportunity to invest? We own a business unit in Guardrisk, which means our members get to enjoy all the benefits of owning their own insurance company without the inherent cost and admin.

your risk

Paying your monthly insurance premiums is like throwing money at the sky. What if you could use the payments as an opportunity to invest? We own a business unit in Guardrisk, which means our members get to enjoy all the benefits of owning their own insurance company without the inherent cost and admin.

Play a part
in financial

All of our profit – whether within Tandem Equity or within the business unit – has been invested in fixed deposits with secure investment houses. In 2015, guided by the preference of our shareholders to better use the capital, we allocated a significant portion into an equity portfolio of well-researched & blue chip securities.

your say to
the board.

At any point, if you feel that your claim has not been
attended to as you would’ve liked, you are entitled to take the matter up with the board or chairman, or at the next annual general meeting of shareholders. Transparency
is everything to us – take a
look at how our board is
structured here.


Earn the profits
your insurer has
been enjoying.

Isn’t it time you stopped putting
your insurance premium into someone
else’s pocket? We own a business unit
in Guardrisk, one of South Africa’s
fastest-growing insurance companies,
and we’re in the unique position to turn
your policy payments into profits – half
of which go back to the profit-makers
every year in the form of share
incentives. For the first time in history,
independent truck owners have the
opportunity to enjoy the wealth that’s
usually only cashed in on by insurers.

– A South African registered insurance
company licensed to operate as a
cell captive insurer

– The largest insurer of its kind in
the world

– The 3rd largest insurer in South Africa
by premium income, and 4th largest
in terms of assets

– Rated by Fitch rating agency for
Financial Strength (IFS) as “AA+(zaf)”


It’s a

But, in our experience, most
intermediaries will not see the Tandem
Equity opportunity for what it truly
represents – a product without equal.

Obviously. Because it means they might
lose some control of their business
relationship with you, or even your
business entirely.

In fact, if your intermediary were to
support your decision to move your
insurance portfolio to Guardrisk, that
would be refreshing and unusual. (These
are the brokers we like to work with!)

However, we believe that you need to make
the right decision for you.

So, which do you think is better?


Questions about guardrisk?


Risk Management

Our business model
is only as good as
the claims we put
through it.

So, we’ve selected Trucksurance as
an intermediary partner.

Trucksurance has 21 years of experience
and are the most successful underwriting
team in the South African truck insurance
market. For 13 consecutive years, they
have made Tandem Equity’s outstanding
underwriting results possible.


With a focus on
using DriveSmart
to manage risk.

DriveSmart is designed to teach
your drivers to drive carefully and
economically, which reduces the
number of road incidents and
their severity.

“The DriveSmart program offers tremendous savings with regards to fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, accident risks and more.”

– Willie Lourens, Crown Valley Carriers

Imagine what that
means for your shares
in Tandem Equity?

Trucksurance also makes sure to select the
right insurance risks, by sticking to rigid
selection criteria and walking away if these
are not met.

If you’d prefer to involve your existing broker
as an intermediary, you may – just keep in
mind that it’s important to establish what
role you’d like them to play and how much
you want to pay for their services.

Tandem Equity
was not
designed to
appeal to
It was designed
with you, the
truck owner,
in mind.

Collective Buying

collective-buying-imageGood things come to those who wait.

We’re almost ready to go live with our group-buying portal,
but until then, check out our insurance or risk management solutions.


The Board

Any Tandem Equity member, or group of
members with more than a 10% stake in
the company, may elect a director to serve
on the board. The chairman of the board is
then elected by the truck owner members.

Our shareholder members have much
more power than is afforded to clients in
a traditional insurance relationship (where
there are very few consequences should
a client be treated poorly over a claim).
We treat every case with absolute
transparency, respecting each member
of Tandem Equity as the partner they are.
Any unresolved issue can be taken up with
the board or chairman, or at the next
annual general meeting of shareholders.

We exist for our members. We report
and account to our members.

Become a Member


Have you made an underwriting
profit for your existing insurance
company over the past 3 years?

Do you implement good risk
management practices for
your fleet?

If you qualify as a member of Tandem Equity, Guardrisk will issue
you a policy of insurance through the Tandem Equity cell, covering
your trucks and the goods in transit on your vehicles.

“We chose to acquire additional shares in Tandem Equity, which clearly shows how much we endorse the investment!”

– Rob Lovemore, Lovemore Bros

“Tandem Equity understands what the customer wants. The team concentrates on providing value, focuses on quality and always does things right the first time.”

– Willie Lourens, Crown Valley Carriers

Unsure whether you qualify?


Let’s Talk Business

Over the next 3 years, if you make money for Tandem Equity
like you have made money for your existing insurer over the
past 3 years, you will have started to build wealth for
yourself in a way that no other insurer has made
possible for you to do.

So, are you ready to turn your
insurance expenses into an
investment? Keen to enjoy the
benefits of collective buying?

We welcome any questions you may have, because they
will improve your understanding of what we offer – which
in turn strengthens our partnership. Take a look at our
FAQ section
for an in-depth look at our product.

Tandem Equity has no equal in the market, and there is
no question that you could ask that we would not be
proud to give an answer to.

If you’d like to chat further, feel free to contact us.
We can’t wait to be part of the revolution of your business.

Contact Us

We’re always keen to answer
your questions.

You can get hold of us through any of the following
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